Salaam: A Comeback to Tajweed


Asalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatu Allahi Ta’ala Wa Barakatuh.


24 February 2013 marks the last time I posted on this site, and wasn’t that just such a long time ago?

SubhanAllah how time flies by, and to say I’ve put my little tajweed corner of the internet on the back burner is an understatement. For almost FIVE years I have left this blog nearly untouched, only rarely logging in to moderate comments and reply to some emails.

May Allah reward all those who’ve thought of me, emailed asking if everything is ok, and kept regularly coming back. And may Allah reward all those who regularly come to my site in search of knowledge to better themselves and their relationship with the Quran.

To fill you in, because I know so many are wondering where I’ve gone, by the grace of Allah I finished my university studies, completed half my deen, and have since been blessed with a daughter – may Allah ‘azza wa jall make her and all Muslim children pious and close to Him.

I think it is long overdue that I get back into my tajweed especially with the fast approach of Ramadan 1439, we all need to begin (or re-establish) our relationship with the Quran.

You will notice in the coming months, inshaAllah, that the site will be updated to have a fresher look, and to fix tajweed errors you kind people have pointed out to me, plus to fix any issues with images/general aesthetics. But here’s something I need from you: I need your advice on how to maintain the website.

I currently have two options:

  1. Upgrade the website to a Premium WordPress plan so that I can utilise more of the functions WordPress makes available (eg. more storage, potential to add audio, etc.)
  2. Keep the site on a Personal plan and keep it simple and effective at it currently is

With both options however, there are costs associated with maintaining the site, and I have to make the difficult decision of allowing advertising on the website to cover these costs, or ask for donations. So I’m asking you to tell me what you believe is the better option because I want you, my site visitors, to feel comfortable and welcome every time you visit! Please leave a comment below letting me know your thoughts.


InshaAllah until things get rolling, I’m sending out to you all my well wishes and encouragement to join me again as we delve back into this beautiful sea of knowledge which is deserving of so much more of our time and effort.


Jazakum Allahu khair,

Sister Fatimah 🌷