Al-Madd Al-Waajib Al-Mutasil

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What’s your favourite childhood game? Connecting puzzles, connect-a-four, or practicing the connected obligatory prolongation?

Al-Madd Al-Waajib Al-Mutasil: is the obligatory prolongation. It is prolonged for either four or five counts (your choice of either). If you choose to prolong for four counts, then this must remain consistent throughout your recitation. Likewise is if you chose to prolong for five counts.

This madd is obligatory when when a hamzah (ء) follows a harf madd ( ا    or     ي     or    و ) within one word.

To reiterate, the conditions of this madd are:

-Is only done in one word (hence why some refer to it as being “connected”)

-Occurs only when a hamzah follows either of the following letters: alif, yaa, waaw.

-The madd is prolonged for four or five counts, one chosen and used consistently

Four counts is approximately the time it takes to say “one-two-three” at medium pace

Five counts is approximately the time it takes to say “one-two-three-four” at medium pace



Al-shitaaa‘                       Yashaaa


Al-Malaaa‘ikatu             Al-saaa‘ila

Yes, three a‘s to emphasise the difference between a normal madd letter and this madd.

For the two other madd letters:


Al-sooo‘u              Wa jeee‘a

Note the second example, wa jee’a. Recall that any madd letter with a sukoon drawn above it remains completely unpronounced.

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-‘Tajweed Basics Foundations And More’ covers a range of mudood

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