Here I have uploaded tajweed resources that friends and teachers have provided. Some have been typed up by me.

I will continue to update this page the more I get/type resources.

Tajweed Basics: Foundations and More

This document explains the terminology involved with Tajweed very well. It briefly touches upon the Makhaarij, i.e. origin of letter in the mouth/throat/nasal passage. And from there it begins to explore elongation, Qalqala and various other Tajweed rules.

Gateway to Arabic

This book is an essential. The first section of the book is purely about letters. From there it advances by delving into tanween, sukoon, shaddah and similar sounding letters.

On page 50 it compares similar sounding letters and I find it an essential to go through them alongside the following document, “Makhaarij Al-Huroof” in order to really know where the letters come from and how saying one letter wrong can change the entire meaning of a word. I still find difficulty sometimes, but practice  makes perfect insha Allah. Don’t give up.

Gateway to Arabic 2

This book goes into greater detail of the Arabic language. A few points to consider to help learn Tajweed/Quran can be found on pages16, 36 – 38. This scan is a bit old and fuzzy. If I am able to get a copy of a better one, I will upload that one instead, insha Allah.

Answer Sheet Gateway to Arabic 2

Makhaarij Al-Huroof

This document discusses the places [in the mouth/throat/nasal] where the letters of the Arabic language come from. Very important to be able to read Quran precisely.

A great way to learn what a sound REALLY sounds like and the importance of the nasal passage in pronouncing these, is to block your nose and try to say a letter, example: say “an” أَن you will come to realise very quickly how it is impossible to echo the sound of the letter without using the nasal passage!

Makhaarij Al-Huroof – Jadwal (Table of the Points of Articulation)

This document contains a table covering all the points of articulation with alphabetical ordering. This document complements the Makhaarij Posts, and is not sufficient on its own.

Makhaarij – Jadwal – Grouped by Makhraj

This document contains a table covering all the points of articulation, grouped by makhraj. This document complements the Makhaarij Posts, and is not sufficient on its own.

Sifaatul Huroof – Jadwal (Table of the Characteristics of the Letters)

This document contains a table covering all the sifaat (characteristics) of the letters with alphabetical ordering. This document complements the Sifaat Posts, and is not sufficient on its own.

Sifaatul Huroof – Jadwal – by Sifah

This document contains a table covering all the sifaat (characteristics) of the letters, grouped by sifah. This document complements the Sifaat Posts, and is not sufficient on its own.

Sifaatul Aaridah – Tafkheem

This document discusses tafkheem as a sifah ‘aaridah: noting what it is, what causes it, and what its levels are.

The Rule of Ra

This PDF document contains the rules regards how the letter Ra should be pronounced [i.e. heavy or light]. This is slightly advanced.
Please complete reading the PDF “Makhaarij Al-huroof” before reading this.

Hamzatul Wasl

Document all about the Connecting Hamza. When should it be pronounced, and how. Be sure to never mistake this Hamzatul Wasl with an Alif or Hamzatul Qate’.

Hamzatul Qate’

Hamzatul Qate’ should not be mixed up with Alif. It is a letter of it’s own and everything about it is explained in the above document.

Quran Online

This is a tremendous website that contains the entire Quran within. After selecting a chapter, go through the options on the left hand side menu to see what suits you best.

Quranic Audio

This is website that contains the entire Quran on Audio! Masha Allah a lot of effort has been put into this website and I recommend it to anyone who really want’s to pick up on their Tajweed like me, walhamdulilah. Select your Sheikh, then your surah (chapter). If you change your mind, click on the surah (after selecting the Sheikh) and from their you can choose a different Sheikh to recite. There is also recordings from taraweeh and rectations with translations. Jazahum Allahu khair to those who put this site together.

The Quran Project

Fantastic website with word-by-word grammar, Quranic syntax, dependency graphs, as well as English translation, and Ontology of Quranic Concepts. This website is a bit advanced, but is one that you definitely must look through. Save it in your bookmarked pages so that you can return to it when you feel confident enough, insha Allah!

Jadwal Al-Mudood

To help me remember the prolongations (mudood), I drew up a table with the name of each madd, the length of it in the two states [where applicable], and placed an example in the last column. I have made an English and Arabic version of this table. Hope it is of benefit!

Al-Muthakarah Fil Tajweed

A book in Arabic covering the rules of tajweed in a very cohesive manner. Some heesbees posts are extracted, then translated from this book [note, this is an older version, as the latest one is not currently available online].


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  1. Wallahi… MashaAllah You have done such a tremendous job!!!

    May Allah Subhaanahu wa T’aala reward your efforts immensely and may He (S.W.T) Guide us to be benefited from this!

    • Aaameeeen! Jazaki Allahu khair sis for the comment 🙂 It really made my day! I also ask that Allah ‘azza wa jall gives me the strength to add more onto what’s here already.. ya rabb! 🙂

      • I second that too! was using your site for my tajweed homework and you have made things easy for me alhamdulilaah. What I couldn’t articulate in words myself you have done so beautifully for me. I was just making du’aa whoever made this, may Allaah reward you!

  2. slaam sis is there a website that can teach me how to read the quraan in beutiful melodious way …

  3. May Allah reward you immensely, We’re teaching tajweed and find this website/blog and its resources as the best we’ve found so far anywhere in English. The content explains hard concepts easily which is key to anybody wanting to take those first steps through the Quran.

  4. Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,
    my dear sister,
    jazaak Allah khairan for your effort. You are a big help to me and I am coming always back to your website. May Allah give you endless blessings.

  5. JazakaAllah Hu Khayr for this information. I’m currently learning Tajweed and I find the above explanation very useful and easy understanding.
    BarakaAllah Hu feekum

  6. Asalam o Alikum Sister,
    May Allah swt reward you immensely, I am learning advance tajweed rules and find a great help on your website and its resources are the best I’ve found so far anywhere in English. The content explains hard concepts easily which is key to anybody wanting to take those first steps through the Quran.
    Jzak Allah o khairn katheera

  7. Assalamualaikum. Sister, i have downloaded your notes for my study. Jazakillahu khayran for your notes. Only Allah can rewards you accordingly.

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