Tajweed Quizzes

This page contains links to various tajweed quizzes made available based on the content presented on the heesbees tajweed site. An 80% minimum has been set as the paas/fail for the quizzes, but remember it’s not always about the numbers… 🙂


Level One Tajweed Rues Quiz

Level Two Tajweed Rules Quiz

Level Three Tajweed Rules Quiz


11 thoughts on “Tajweed Quizzes

  1. I love you site. The information is brilliant, simple to understand. Thank you so much. May allah reward you you for your efforts, Ameen.

  2. The Tajweed quizzes are helpful. The best way of learning is to take quiz. I would like have more quizzes on tajweed. May Allah reward you for your good work

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