Al-Ith-haar Al-Mutlaq

At noon, you look up and see the skies are clear, you notice the mirror shines, free of marks, the glass on the bench twinkles as it catches some light, a perfect picture. Can anything be so perfect and clear? Noon, maybe?

Recall the post Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Four, Al-Idghaam. There we noted that if the letters laam, raa, yaa, noon, meem, or waaw followed a noon saakinah, idghaam (with or without ghunnah) must be sounded. But there was a very particular condition which stated that this can only occur over two words, never in one.

Ith-haar Al-Mutlaq[1] may be literally translated to “Showing Absolutely”, so basically, totally pure and perfect pronunciation of the noon letter. This tajweed rule applies for those times when a noon saakinah is followed by one of the above letters, but within one word.

And as per the name of the rule, the noon must be pronounced clearly, with no ikhfaa or idghaam whatsoever. There are four words in the Quraan which apply, and they are as follows,

Al-Dunyaa (in all it’s occurrences)




Did you ever notice this? 🙂 Go back and note that all the noon saakinahs were followed by one of the idghaam letters – but you had always pronounced the noon clearly (I hope, at least!)

That’s all for this rule. Just a side note, sometimes it’s also named shaath[2].

Resources Link:

– Post: Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule Four

– Post: Al-Noon Al-Saakinah: Rule One

– Sukoon [Gateway To Arabic: page 48]

Note, these documents are found on the resources page.

[1] إظهار مطلق
[2] شاذ


2 thoughts on “Al-Ith-haar Al-Mutlaq

  1. Slmualyk..alhmdulilaah I just discovered ur great blog mashala…I would lyk to pose a question to the respected blogger…
    My brother is currently studying qira’ah…recently we met while he was on holiday and he asked me to recire a portion from the quraan al kareem..he informed me that I am not pronouncing the letter ‘raa’ properly…he tried to help me,but due to limited time,I could not master it…please kindly assist me…jzkla khair…req.for spcl duaa. .

    • Wa alayki asalam sis,
      Unfortunately I haven’t yet started posting about articulation points and sifaat (characteristics) of the letters. I’ll be starting soon, insha Allah.
      Maybe it would help, nevertheless, if you explained why he said that you’re pronouncing it wrong (where are you making the mistake?).
      Anyway, it might help to read “The Rule of Raa’” article I have on my resources page. You can click on the document title in this comment to view it.
      All the best insha Allah
      Wa iyyaki.

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